Friday, June 27, 2008

Wampa Womb at 1-inch gallery

"wampa womb"
size: 1.5" x 1.5"
media: post-it & brush pen

mini-bar to compliment mini gallery

Today we had our weekly art gallery show. This cool event was created by my co-worker Raul and resides in front of his cubicle. Rules are simple. All artwork must be less than 1.5"


mark covell said...

That's 1.5 inches of coolness!!

Joseph Lee said...

A very fun experience indeed. Great piece John!

moDiD. said...

Your sweet Wampa was a great addition to the Mini Art Gallery! Can't wait to see what's next Mr. Bahn!

Dominic Polcino said...

I did not know such magnificence could reside in such small spaces.

Marcus Hadlock said...

Haha I love Wampa Womb! And I love your style. Nice Doodles! Come check out my doodles some time-

RC Reese said...

I love this idea! very creative!