Monday, July 20, 2009

NINJA decal designs

I've been working on some vinyl decal designs for my robot friend Otto over at decal robot. Here are a couple of NINJA decals designs I did. If you get one, be sure to email me a photo of where you place it, so I can share it on my NINJA sightings photostream.


Marcus Hadlock said...

Awesome stickers / Decals! I love them and I love ninjas :)

7414Stars said...

Cute ninja stickers! awesomeness!

Zarah said...

If I get one?? How do I get one
:-D. Would love to send you a photo...Are doing vinyl stickers myself, but all analog, no print yet.
Love your blog.
Ohh just saw where to buy the green bird also.

M. Gutfleisch said...

These are freak'n awesome! Great designs!